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About the project

Info Desk is a project that helps a hotel business increase customer experience and improve the presentation of hotel facilities. The hotel customer is provided with multilingual access to all hotel-related information within the hotel, including menu, hotel map, activation, complaint, etc. It includes many in-hotel solutions such as.


It is a problem that arises from pet owners’ concerns about the safety of their pets. Additionally, there is the issue of scattered pet-related information, leading to misinformation about vaccination schedules, illnesses, and medical history.


Getting Feedback

It was very difficult to get feedback from customers in the hotel, the feedback received could not be stored permanently.


In-Hotel Information

It could be difficult to deliver many information about the hotel within the hotel, and customers could not be informed in some parts.


Personnel Score and Complaints

It was very difficult to keep track of the personnel, it was not stored permanently. At the same time, complaints within the hotel remained verbal and were not followed up.


Inability to Perform Data Analysis

By presenting reports on all data, we aimed to make inferences and analysis for hotel efficiency.


With the solutions we offer, a web page specially designed for the customer to view on mobile. At the same time, there is an admin panel in the background where hotels edit their information, and there is a super admin panel that manages the hotels. A multilingual structure is used in the system and it works smoothly with 5+ languages. An effort has been made to provide a flexible, efficient and stable solution.

Tech Stack

  • Nginx
  • Php
  • Laravel
  • Flutter
  • Dart
  • MySql
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • JQuery

Project Highlights

Special Mobile Design

Info Desk aims to offer the app experience on the web with its specially designed mobile view. It has become quickly accessible on many devices.

Different Type Users

A system has been designed that includes 5+ membership types and special panels for them. Each area has been customized with its own variables.

QR And File Transactions

The aim is for hotel customers to manage everything from a single screen. system that will take fast actions has been coded with JavaScript functions.

Data Management

Infodesk is used by thousands of users, there is a high data flow and the data is stored efficiently. Additionally, it offers reports and data analysis.

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