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About the project

RideNear is a marketplace application that brings together many ride-hailing platforms. With RideNear, you can use and manage many taxi applications on the market (Uber, Bolt, Gett, etc.) through a single application. You can use the application with a single profile and user, and use it for comparison even if you do not ride. It is a project with a challenging technical infrastructure as it requires working with many partner providers and payment providers and requires many simultaneous transactions.


Using more than one taxi app, users had to download all the apps, create separate profiles and define payment methods. At the same time, they cannot make comparisons when they want to drive from one place to another. After the ride, they couldn’t manage their invoices and history in one place.


Difficulty Making Comparisons

Comparing between many ride providers was time-consuming and not always possible.


Multiple Profile Requirement

To get rides from each provider, it was necessary to create individual profiles and keep them updated.


Seperate History and Bills

It was necessary to go to all the applications and collect the documents in order to collect the invoices and histories of the rides made on all of them.


Insufficient Data and Recommendations

Since they cannot compare data, they cannot provide smart recommendations. It was impossible to predict which days and which hours were more suitable among the many providers.


Our company offers a complex solution to RideNear. With microservice architecture, the backend section, coded with more than 10 microservices, runs on AWS to perform complex tasks accurately and quickly. At the same time, extras such as admin panel and b2b panel are coded and provided by us. Support for mobile application coding is also provided from time to time.

Tech Stack

  • AWS Cloud Systems
  • NestJS
  • NodeJS
  • Typescript
  • Postgresql
  • KrakenD
  • Redis
  • Core js
  • Tailwind CSS
  • HTML
  • Bootstrap
  • JQuery

Project Highlights

Multiple Microservice Architecture

A large structure consisting of 10+ microservices and microservices that handle many tasks in a divided manner has been coded.

Advanced Devops Solutions

Automated operation of microservices on AWS Cloud systems has been ensured. Thanks to its scalable structure, it can move according to the load.

Complex Solutions

Our company provides management and development in every aspect of the project. It has given our company extra experience in handling the project in its entirety.

Data Analysis and Management

Attention has been paid to the correct flow, analysis, interpretation and reporting of data on a large platform where thousands of data are processed simultaneously.

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