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About the project

Finsorted is a fintech initiative that allows you to manage all your banks and financial transactions through a single app. Support Management System coding was done by our company. In this way, it is possible to manage all members, system operation and support systems through a high security panel.


Finsorted did not have a panel to manage fraud transactions through its mobile application. Members did not have an area where they could view and manage their details. At the same time, it was only providing support to its customers via email, but with this panel, it started to switch to the ticket system via the mobile app and manage it from the panel.


Fraud Transactions

There was no system that could prevent or catch fraud occurring through the App. For this reason, checks such as suspicious transactions, membership freezing, and membership checks could not be carried out.


Detailed Member Management

There was no area where they could see detailed information about members and members. For this reason, access was provided to an area where the members they support could check their complaints and take action.


Live and Ticket Support System

You can contact live support via the app and provide support via the instant panel. At the same time, a ticket-based support system was activated, and solutions over time became trackable.


Inability to Perform Data Analysis

Raporlar sunarak, üyeliklerin durumları, analizleri, kontrolleri daha analitik bir hale getirildi. Bu sayede girişim sürekli olarak çıkarımlarla geliştirmelere devam edebilir hale geldi.


With the solution we offered, Finsorted now has a highly secure (VPN-based) web panel. A long-lasting system was aimed by using a modern interface and coding system within the panel. At the same time, the system was fully automated and code review, testing, deployment flow and devops development were carried out on AWS systems.

Tech Stack

  • AWS Cloud Systems
  • Jenkins
  • Shell Script
  • Docker
  • VueJS 3
  • Typescript
  • Vite 4
  • Bulma
  • SASS
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • JQuery

Project Highlights

Devops Improvements

Along with the system devops development, it automatically performs code review, testing and deployment on AWS.

Detaik User Management

A special screen with very detailed information about membership was designed and all information was made available on one page with special UX work.

Ticket System

The system has two types of support mechanisms, live or spread over time. While live streaming works with websocket, the other one works with Rest requests.

Data Analysis

Since Finsorted is used by thousands of users, there is a high data flow. For this reason, it offers reports and data analysis for analysis.

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