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About the project

Pet Nets is a solution designed to provide pet owners with information and security for their animals. Using a QR code-based system, owners can easily access their pets’ information and reach out to others in case of their pets getting lost. This case study elaborates on the development process of Pet Nets, the challenges encountered, and the outcomes achieved in detail.


It is a problem that arises from pet owners’ concerns about the safety of their pets. Additionally, there is the issue of scattered pet-related information, leading to misinformation about vaccination schedules, illnesses, and medical history.


Loss Situation

Pet owners were looking for a reliable system to ensure the retrieval of their pets in case they went missing.


Health Information Uncertainty

Managing vaccination schedules and health information for pets could be complex.


Privacy Concerns of Information

Pet owners had privacy concerns when sharing information about their pets.


Inability to Centralize Information

Traditional pet tags carrying identification information proved insufficient in the event of a loss.


Pet Nets offers pet owners a platform that helps locate their pets in case of loss. Through QR code-based collars, owners can easily access their pet’s profile information and vaccination schedules. It also speeds up the process of finding lost pets by allowing others to reach their owners.

Project Highlights


Pet Nets attracts attention with its user-friendly interface and simple design. Users can easily manage their profile information and vaccination schedules.


Pet owners’ privacy and security are ensured by Pet Nets. The information is stored securely and can only be accessed by authorized individuals.

5 Different Language Support

Pet Nets serves hundreds of customers from different countries with 5 different language support, and the entire system can be deleted with a single click.

Data Management

Pet Nets is supported by a powerful data management infrastructure. Using technologies such as PostgreSQL and Redis, large amounts of data are securely stored and processed.

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