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About the project

A new website has been designed for Mavvo Bilişim. The aim in the construction of this website is; It has a modern look that is multilingual and contains many pages. At the same time, a creative and innovative face was wanted to be presented.


Mavvo Bilisim’s old website was visually complex, contained many idle pages, and had some problems in terms of user experience. It had some problems with the mobile view.


User Experience Problems

The user experience was not designed fluently, so controls were made and a more fluid experience was provided.


Not Match Color Palette Application

Independent colors that were not compatible with the company’s own colors were used, which presented an image that distorted corporate identity.


Not Revealing They Innovative Face

Mavvo is an innovative technological company that started with the slogan of Turkey’s Digital Transformation Workshop. But the old website did not reflect this.


Many WordPress CMS Problems

The old website was using old WordPress version and plugins. Longer-lasting and innovative solutions were implemented with the new website.


The old website was completely replaced with a new WordPress website. A new version, new version php infrastructure and plugins have been installed. A more innovative and modern look has been achieved, while the user experience has been improved. A multilingual structure was established and a global advantage was gained. Basic level SEO, acceleration and security configurations have been completed.

Tech Stack

  • Php
  • WordPress CMS
  • MySql
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • JQuery

Project Highlights

Renewed UX

The user experience on the website has been recreated in innovative and modern ways. A more fluid experience was provided to users.

Wordpress CMS

A longer-lasting website was designed with our experienced team on WordPress CMS, with the new WordPress version and plug-ins.

Multilingual Structure

A multilingual website structure was planned and designed. Efforts were made to increase the share in the global market. At the same time, a structure suitable for quickly adding new languages was established.

SEO, Speed, Security

Our team completed website-specific adjustments in the areas of SEO, speed and security. These topics were resolved at the mid-upper level.

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