5 famous app costs with features

  • April 8, 2022
  • 6 min read

Consider the average cost to develop an app

The more complicated it is, the more time, skills, and expertise it will take to build, and the more it will cost to create an app. How much work you want the developer to do will also affect how long it takes.

People who manage the whole project, such as market research and interface design, will charge more for their work. If the app is made for both Android and iOS, it’s likely to cost a lot of money to make two versions of it.

While there is no precise answer to how much it costs to develop an app, you can still consider a ballpark of up to £75,000. The app will need to be maintained and updated after being released, but these costs aren’t very high if the app is well-made.

Uber App

You need to design an app for drivers, an application for clients, user management, and a backend.

The full process of designing and implementing an app like Uber will cost you Approximately £200,000 – £50,000 (for iOS and Android) and take 5 to 7 months for an MVP version which offers a great platform for mobile app development in a longer run.

Tik Tok App

According to studies, the cost of developing an application is estimated to be between £80K and £100K. Obtaining a music licence, on the other hand, would be an extra expense.

Tik Tok is one of the media and entertainment applications that might generate between £128,000 and £248,000 in development costs due to its integration of numerous sets of features and services. Additionally, it takes around 985 hours in terms of time.

Instagram App

The key aspect of creating an app is its distinctive concept, as it attracts many individuals. If you want to be an entrepreneur, you must first analyse your audience’s needs and then develop a vision to meet those needs.

To begin, an application like Instagram might cost up to £60,000. The fee structure shown above may vary depending on your selection for hiring a developer.

In the UK, the minimum fee for a developer is between £40 and £55 per hour, both economical and quality-focused.

Tinder App

The Tinder app’s features suggest that it would cost between £40,000 and £50,000 to design an app of the same calibre. It’s also worth noting that this is only an estimate. The cost of developing a mobile app may be affected by various variables.

Just Eat

Just Eat is Europe’s leading online takeout ordering business, with over 300,000 daily requests. The approximate cost for each stage is between £4000 and £15000, depending on the application’s features and multifaceted quality.

How Uplide can help you get started with app development?

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We start with understanding your business goals and initiatives. And later, we design a comprehensive plan to create your mobile app along with a roadmap. Once we finalise the roadmap and features, we will give you the total budget for app development.

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What is Mobile App Development Expensive in the UK?

App development is expensive in the UK because of the high labour cost. Employees with highly specialised new programming skills can command high salaries in Australia and around the world.

Typically, an app is a piece of software built by a team of experts over a significant length of time. To complete the project, a team of professionals from several areas must collaborate to plan, design, develop, test, and debug it.

The planning, design, development, and testing phases of an app are no different from any other software project. The more time it takes to build an app, the more expensive it will be.

How much does it cost to maintain an app?

The cost of maintaining an application might range from £50 and £5,000 or more. This varies according to the complexity of your software, the number of developers necessary to maintain it, and if you want 24/7 assistance.

It’s not only the cost of developing the app that you need to consider, as the cost of maintenance plays a major role in upkeeping it. You are unlikely to see returns from your app unless it is maintained, which requires effort and talent. That is why numerous firms provide application development and maintenance services.

A skilled app developer in the UK will include data analytics into the coding of your app, enabling you to collect information about your users and track both interaction and content. Understanding the data and resolving any errors will go a long way toward delivering a smooth and productive user experience. As with everything else linked to applications, this will come with a cost, determined by the amount of interaction.

Why does the cost of building apps vary so much?

The cost of app development in the UK includes many elements that but two of the most crucial ones are

When developing an app, it typically takes between three and six months to complete testing and be ready for release. As time passes, the cost of app development goes up.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to code, you’ll need an app. Even a ‘simple’ app may cost upwards of £10k in development costs. At the same time, some of the most advanced mobile apps in the market are over £100k.

As a result, the cost of developing an app will vary depending on the app’s purpose, design, platform, and any modifications made throughout the development process.


If you’re wondering, “how much does it cost to build an app?” it is best to look beyond just the price tag. Consider various factors as discussed above that help you get started the right way.

Since there are a number of variables that affect the cost, it’s always a good idea to conduct some research. Finding out what each app developer can accomplish and whether their service meets your expectations can help you lose out on your app investment.

To conclude, one can never come up with an exact cost of creating a mobile app since the costs are influenced by several variables. To learn more about the estimating process, contact the Uplide team. They have extensive knowledge and are delighted to assist you.

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